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Food, Coffee and Drinks


Riverso is an idea. It is unconventional, no stereotypes, it is never time for lunch, breakfast or dinner, every moment is the right one to enjoy good food.
We were born from the experience of the Alaska pub since 1976, from the love of wine and with the desire to share moments of lightheartedness and happiness between one sip and another.

The Best WINE

Riverso by Alaska

Riverso is the official sales point of Masseria Frattasi, a historic Benevento winery,
producer of excellent wines including Kapnios, awarded in 2023 as “Best wine ever”.

wines also on retail sale at unbeatable prices


Here at Riverso you can taste International breakfasts and plates, aperitifs freshly cooked, sandwhiches and many other exclusive dishes.

Riverso is historically partner with Salumificio Cillo, another Campania excellence, thanks to which you can taste artisan cured meats never tried before.

Charcuteries also on retail sale

Cocktail bar

Wide choice of classic cocktails and homemade reinterpretations.

Thanks to the excellent work of our barternders, you will have the chance to taste special and unique cocktails.

and the cafe...

Riverso is partner of Kremoso, a young roasting company founded by Walter Wurzburger, with over 130 years of experience handed down from father to son, who, thanks to his intuition, becomes the sector leader making Neapolitan coffee known all over the world.


Riverso by Alaska

Where we are

We are located in Via Alessandro Scarlatti, 183, 80127 Naples (NA)

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Riverso by Alaska

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Alaska Pub

Located in the heart of Vomero since 1976, next to Quattro Giornate metro station