Masseria Frattasi

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Heroic winegrowers of mountains in Montesarchio.

At the foot of the Taburno, sung of by Virgil in the Aeneid, stands Masseria Frattasi, a building of the eighteenth century, perfectly preserved by the owners, the Clemente family


Founded in 1779 in Montesarchio; it has been cultivating grapes for generations, currently the company has 30 hectares of vineyards and 10 hectares of olive groves, as well as woods and lands located almost all in the mountains; it also has vineyards in Anacapri and Baselice, and has some of the oldest vineyards in Campania; cultivation methods are environmentally friendly.


winery founded in 1779

Masseria Frattasi protects ancient traditions, such as the rediscovery of Kapnios, the wine of antiquity that has been brought back to light. Not by chance Ancient Romans chose Taburno area for their wines, drying Aglianico grapes in the sun, a method which has been resumed thousands of years later for Amarone production.


Very healthy grapes, ready to be vinified, thanks to an innovative laboratory and technological knowledge that goes back to the generations of winemaking grandparents. Prefilossera vineyards like this one, which is two centuries old and continues to produce grapes, a giant from which the company obtains genetic material for the new vineyards, old cultivars saved from extinction.


The wine labels have a ceramic on the front. They are the work of Giustiniani, the most famous eighteenth-century ceramist. He had a shop a few kilometers from the the winery, he decorated the palatial chapel of the seventeenth century.

When the earthquake destroyed the chapel Mr. Clemente recovered the tiles which are now depicted on the labels and he revived them no longer under the feet of the faithful, but in front of their palate.


Each product has its own story, a wide choice of labels coming from native and not native grapes. Taste them to learn about it.

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Riverso is the official Masseria Frattasi point of sale, a historic Beneventan winery,
producer of excellent wines including Kapnios, awarded in 2023 as “Best wine ever”.